Clutch Repairs Gold Coast


Manual transmissions are a great way to drive and loved by many, most people who choose to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission have been known to feel a lot more control of their car. However, if you have chosen to go down the manual route for your vehicle you do have more responsibility to look after and maintain your clutch. While a standard gearbox is generally quick, easy and cheaper to fix, your clutch will require additional attention and the expertise of a skilled and qualified professional mechanic to ensure its functionality and maintain its efficiency. Although your clutch has many essential elements which are important to optimal operation, the most common issue that may require maintenance or repair is caused by the friction disc. Simply, the friction disc transfers necessary power from your engine to the gearbox and if not functioning optimally, it can have a massive impact on your vehicle’s overall drivability. Through regular maintenance, care and services most manual drivers are able to avoid any major clutch issues, however there are times when repairs and/or replacement are inevitable.

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Some of the key warning signs that you need to have your clutch inspected as soon as possible by an experienced and trusted mechanic are as follows:

  • Slipping Gears – when find that your vehicle is slipping out of gear or provides an unstable shift this may be an indication that your clutch is wearing out and requires immediate attention from an expert
  • Smoke or a Burning Smell – the presentation of smoke or a burning smell around your vehicle can be evidence that your clutch may be overheated or the clutch plate is wearing out
  • Sticking Clutch – if you find resistance and difficulty when engaging the pedals, this may be as a result of a leak which causes a build up of pressure and in turn a ‘sticking’ of the pedals

If you are experiencing one of more of what was listed above, it is imperative to seek out the assistance of a qualified and skilled technician to ensure the safety of both yourself and your vehicle.

At Black Label Automotive, we are here to look after you and all of your clutch servicing and repair needs. As a family owned and operated business, proudly servicing the Gold Coast and its surrounds for over 17 years, we have seen our successful reputation skyrocket. Proven by our long trail of satisfied customers, we have quickly become industry leaders in all aspects of clutch repairs Gold Coast. As complete clutch replacements and any sort of transmission work are known for being quite costly, we have a strong belief that the most cost effective way to increase the longevity and life of your clutch and gearbox is through regular maintenance and specific, concise repairs. Through the use of innovative and advanced tools, equipment and diagnostics we know you will have the confidence that you are always in capable hands. So, if you are looking for a trusted and respected mechanic with second to none knowledge, experience and skill, look no further than Black Label Automotive. Clutch Repairs Gold Coast? Call us now at 07 5596 1604.

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