Known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, BMW vehicles are one of the most sought after cars all over the world. BMW comes in an impressive variety of styles, sizes, and engines. Whether you’re a business mogul or a mom of two, there’s a BMW that will match your lifestyle.

Offering complete driving pleasure, BMW satisfies any driver’s need for speed without compromising on safety and driving control. BMW’s cars are also set apart with BMW Assist, a system that allows the BMW company to locate your car and send help upon your need.

As BMW fanatics, we at Black Label Automotive understand how important it is to keep your BMW in top shape and maintain that smooth and powerful ride. This is why we offer a full line of services to give you the best, hassle-free BMW services in Nerang, Queensland.

Some of Our Services

Aside from complete auto electrical service and all mechanical repairs, Black Label Automotive offers other services to make sure every part of your BMW is in prime condition.

Starter Motors & Alternators. The alternator is an essential part of your BMW because it charges your battery which runs your car’s electronics. Meanwhile, your car starter starts your vehicle. Need to repair or replace your starter motor and alternator? We can do that not just for BMWs but for other vehicle makes and models. If you see signs of alternator failure like dimming headlights or flickering battery light, contact us or drop by our location. Likewise, if you notice a change in the noise when you are starting your vehicle, it may be a sign of starter failure. No need to worry because our highly trained technicians can test your starter and diagnose the issue quickly to get you back driving your BMW as soon as possible.

Steering & Suspension. Your steering and suspension system allows you to stay in control when on the road. It bears the weight of your car, keeps tires on the road, and helps to achieve an overall safer and smoother ride. To avoid huge repairs, the steering and suspension system must be inspected yearly or more often depending on driving conditions. When you feel signs of steering or suspension problems, visit our mechanics at Black Label Automotive, so we can evaluate your BMW and quickly fix the problem. Avoid dangerous safety threats in the future by dealing with the issue as early as possible.

Fuel Injection. Your BMW car engine has a fuel system like other vehicles. Dirt, varnish, and carbon can build up in your fuel system, which can damage it and other parts of your engine. Each car is different, but it is usually recommended to get a fuel system service about every 40,000 km. If your car is experiencing signs such as lurching, poor acceleration, and engine pinging, come see us soon to avoid further damage.

We’re Here to Help

To get more information about our BMW services, contact us on 07 5596 1604 or drop by at our location. We are open Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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