With a name that has consistently been associated with luxury, the Mercedes brand is considered a benchmark for other luxury automobile makers. Mercedes vehicles are a combination of quality and innovation, with the use of speed and style to fuel success.

If you drive a Mercedes, you’ll be glad to know there’s a well-trusted repair and service center at the heart of Nerang, Queensland: Black Label Automotive. As a trusted Mercedes service center, we hire skilled and professional Mercedes mechanics to make sure each job is a success. Whether you’re looking for routine service tasks, regular maintenance, or something more complex, we at Black Label Automotive will be sure to quickly address your needs. Soon you’ll find yourself driving your Mercedes again on the roads of Nerang or beyond. 

What Services Do We Provide?

At our Nerang workshop in Queensland, we offer a wide range of services and repairs at a reasonable price to our valued customers. If you choose Black Label Automotive for your Mercedes, you can enjoy services on areas/parts such as:

Clutches & Gearboxes – The gearboxes and clutches in both semi-automatic and manual cars are likely to suffer from wear and tear. If you notice grinding, crunching, or slipping as you shift gears, these are some of the most common signs of a gearbox that is not operating properly. As soon as you hear any of these sounds, visit our workshop to prevent further damage.

Front & Rear Brakes – Your brakes are one of the most essential safety components of your Mercedes. They are responsible for slowing you down, stopping the car, and preventing collisions. One of the most obvious signs that your braking system needs an inspection is an illuminated brake warning light. Other signs are a spongy (not firm) brake pedal, a stiff brake pedal that is hard to press down, and a squealing or grinding sound when you push down your brake pedal. If ever you feel or hear anything unusual when braking, no need to put off servicing because Black Label Automotive is here to provide the reliable repair your Mercedes needs. 

Electrical Repairs – Have electrical issues with your Mercedes? Here are some signs that your car has electrical problems: car won’t start, dimming dashboard lights, dead radio or brake lights, and leaking fluid from your car battery. If you think your Mercedes has electrical problems, it’s time to visit us. Black Label Automotive is experienced in specialised electrical repair, giving you peace of mind that your Mercedes will be back in its original supreme condition after we do our job. 

Other services include fuel injection, engine repairs, and all mechanical upgrades, servicing and repairs..

Friendly & Professional Customer Service

At Black Label Automotive, not only do you get reliable and quick repair and maintenance services, but you’ll also find our staff and technicians all friendly and professional. We, as a leading Google Ads Agentur, will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our shop or about the needs of your Mercedes. We can also give tips on DIY maintenance and repairs.

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